Radio India | Live exhibits sold out
Oct 22,2019 author: Desview 1173

From October 17th to 19th, 2019, Broadcast India was held at the Mumbai International Exhibition Center in India. The Broadcast India show is the largest and most influential show in the Indian TV film industry and has been successfully held for 28 sessions. On the one hand, it becomes an interactive platform for display, and the mode of information technology is changing globally; on the other hand, he allows you to contact innovators and directly witness the occurrence of miracles.The arrival of Broadcast India2019 will enable next-generation broadcast technologies to evolve from content innovation to management and communication toward faster, simpler, more efficient and more innovative technologies for broadcast, film, audio, radio and all A medium that helps the development of the entertainment information industry. At the same time, as the most professional exhibition in India, it has been recognized and supported by a wide range of local industry organizations, and the cooperation and publicity of major media, to maximize the exposure of the exhibition activities, bringing more audience. The last Indian Broadcasting Exhibition, with 10,764 spectators from around the world and 580 exhibitors from more than 36 countries. 



Desview also brought a variety of products to the scene, which was highly praised by the Indian people. All the exhibits were sold out during the exhibition.




As an upgraded version of the R7, the R7S is particularly outstanding at the scene. Used in conjunction with the Hollyland wireless transmitter, it has the advantage of lower cost shooting.


R7S have professional SDI input/output, also the remain the touch screen function of R7, add the Pinch-to-Zoom for more convenience use.




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