Desview in South Korea KOBA2019 !
May 23,2019 author: Desview 597

On May 22nd, KOBA2019 was held as scheduled in the COEX A, C, D showroom in Seoul, South Korea.


Since the first exhibition jointly held by Korea E&EX and the Korea Broadcasting Engineers Association (Korea Broadcasting Engineers Association) in 1991, KOBA SHOW has ushered in the 29th year to enhance the Korean broadcast culture and image and sound development.

The first thing that shines in this exhibition is the one-of-a-kind T1 lyrics. This small and succinct lyrics maps the manuscript to the single-sided glass inside the lyser through the Baishiyue mobile app. The adapter is connected to the camera lens through the adapter ring, and the handheld remote control can control the speed and page of the article at will. This not only keeps the language flowing, but also ensures that the eyes do not drift away from the lens. This is a very suitable equipment for media use.

In addition to the T1 lyrics, there are many people on the site who are very interested in the S5 and R7 monitors. Compared to the new 7-inch R7 monitor, the 5-inch S5 does not have so many advanced features, but its 153g weight advantage and the price of the people. Let countless vloggers like it. The R7 has received enthusiastic response from different people due to its excellent full waveform, 3D-LUT function and touch screen highlight performance.

This year, Baishi Yue will continue to participate in Singapore’s BroadcastAsia2019 exhibition. I hope everyone can come to the site to experience our new products at close range, we are looking forward to your arrival!