We are in the NAB2019 !
Apr 10,2019 author: Desview 361

On April 8th, the 2019 NAB Show begin! As a major event in the film and television industry, it has attracted the attention of massive people inside and outside the industry.

At the NAB2019 exhibition, Desview’s booth was set at C10649. On the day of the launch on April 8, it attracted friends from all over the world to visit. Our booth is also very popular; The wellknown media Epiphan video and China Film&Television Network have conducted a special interview with us.





At this NAB exhibition, we basically brought all the products of Desview. They attracted the attention of many international friends, they all stopped to take a look and gave a good evaluation to our product. More users place orders and take the products directly from the show. All the monitors in our booth have been booked on the spot and have received on-site orders especially for the SP15, S7II and R7.





The DesviewS7II is a 7inch 4K camera monitor that supports HDMI input and output also the 3GSDI input and output. Provides waveform, histogram and other graphic analysis functions. The weight is less than 400g which is suitable for longtime filming. Whether it is used on large equipment or Vlog, it can provide a good longtime shooting experience.


DesviewD24F12G broadcast monitor is one of the new products of this NAB exhibition. D24F is the first fullfeatured 12GSDI highspeed transmission ultrahigh definition monitor in China, supporting singlelink 12GSDI, duallink 6GSDI and quadlink 3GSDI 4K highdefinition picture quality display. With its advanced features such as 3DLUT, full waveform, vectorscope and HDR. Another reason for the D24F12G’s attention is due to its numerous radio and TV functions and interfaces such as RS422 interface, GPIO and UMD. In the year of 4K ultraclear image quality and the pursuit of 8K full HD picture quality, D24F-12G is undoubtedly the best choice for directors.


Another new product listed at NAB, named R7. Design for Revolution represents a new revolutionary product of the company. At this NAB show, we have already received onsite orders from many countries. The R7 is a 7inch 4K HD monitor with an ultranarrow design and HDMI input and output and SONY NPF battery. The R7 is not only use the full touch screen function, but also retains the dial operation. The high brightness of 1000 nits guarantees the monitoring effect in outdoor sunlight. The R7 also has advanced functions such as histogram, waveform and vector graphics. At the same time, it has its own and support to import LUT to meet different needs! The color of the screen is also finely tuned by Desview to ensure the high reproducibility, high definition and low latency.

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