BIRTV Perfect curtain call, exhibition highlights first look
Aug 27,2019 author: Desview 645


At this BIRTV exhibition, Desview unveiled a number of new products, providing photographers with more options and creative space. For those who have not arrived at the exhibition site, come and follow our cameras for a look at the show.


Exhibition Site



Media Interview


Thanks for the media's attention to Desview's new products, such as Film and Television industry Network, Video Mike, Video Dog, etc. Later you can learn the detailed interview information on relevant platforms.

Lucky Draw

The site also prepared a set of praise activities, while wandering exhibition while getting prizes.


New Products

Desview T1 teleprompter has been well received by many users since its launch. Portable teleprompter solves the pain of reciting manuscripts for individual users. At the same time, we also get a lot of feedback, hoping that the compatible volume of teleprompter can be expanded. The T10 teleprompter is here to hear your call, compatible with tablets but also portable.

The T10 teleprompter can be connected to the mobile phone with its own display screen, or directly placed on the tablet for work. Adopting slide rail design, can adjust front and back position at will. The teleprompter itself is not only folding, but also can adapt to different angles of shooting, which is more convenient to carry out.


A small scene was set up at the exhibition site. D24F-12G (12G SDI) was paired with the second generation of Aputure 300D to provide users with more intuitive visual experience.


SP17 PLUS has a complete monitoring function, meeting the needs of different groupsof people. At the same time, HDR provides a strong guarantee for post-production. It also provides unlimited portability for carrying out.


On this exhibition Desview will also display a number of small size monitor products, the new R7s has received keen attention from on-site users.



New product R7s, as an upgrade of R7, has the features of screen scaling, full waveform monitoring, dual battery buckle, SDI, HDR, light sensing technology and custom 3D LUT by SD card. Only the on-site users can truly feel the charm of the new products.


Now, the 2019 BIRTV exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Let's look forward to the coming of 2020. More new products information will be launched in the public, please continue to pay attention!

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